Holiday Blues - Advice on how to deal with it




Happy New Year! it’s January!

Let's be honest.. this month is long, tight and cold. We’ve all enjoyed time off work, university or school and we’re struggling to get back into the routine. For those who’ve had the luxury of going abroad you may be experiencing post-holiday blues.

Post-holiday blues is a real thing, I’ve experienced it and I’m sure you have. it’s that down feeling you get after an amazing holiday realising that you’re back at your desk instead of on the beach living your best life. There’s a phrase me and my friends always say after our trips and it’s ‘people are really living out there’, which brings me on to my first tip on how to deal with holiday blues…

  1. Be inspired: Being abroad you really get a new perspective, you see different ways of living that makes you think about your own environment. instead of feeling down about it, channel it and get inspired to do better, eat better, live better. It’s all about attitude and mindset. Take the energy, the lessons, the conversations that you’ve been surrounded with abroad and implement it into your everyday life. I remember when I came back from Morocco with my tea set, I was obsessed mint tea. Now I have it every now and then with some candles on and relax.

  2. Take a break from your break: I know, I know I’m very stingy with my days off too but it is very important to not go straight back into it after your holiday take at least one day off before going back. Which means you have to plan well, whether that means coming back on a Friday and having a weekend or taking a day off from work so you can sleep well, eat well, self-care, exercise and relax. It can be quite a shock to get thrown back into a routine.

  3. Beat the Jet Lag: if it is a long-haul trip, you should gradually adjust your sleeping habits to your home time-zone before your return. When you're on the flight switch back your clock to your home time and drink plenty of water on the flight...

  4. Find something else to look forward to: Whether small or big just think and plan outings, events, trips or another holiday to get excited for again.

  5. Don’t shut out your real life: When you’re lost in the holiday sauce it becomes easy to forget about your day to day at home. It is important to keep updated with work and home life and keep the balance so that you’re not overwhelmed when you get back.

  6. Reassess and Make Changes: there’s a big difference between feeling the holiday blues and actually being unhappy and unfulfilled when you're back at home. If these feelings persist this may be a chance for you to make changes to be happier. Whether that’s changing jobs, environments or lifestyle.

  7. Gratitude: reflect on the highlights of your trip (I usually do this on the flight home) and be grateful that you had the chance to travel as a lot of people do not for many different reasons.

    All in All, focus on the present and the future, be grateful for the moments and keep making positive changes to your lives. I hope my advice and tips on how to deal with post holiday blues helped. Enjoy 2019!




Amina Ali